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Welcome to iTrackCar.pk
Just 400/- PAK Rupees a month, hassle free online Tracking Service in Pakistan,
Non block-able by GSM Jamer.

About Us

Coverage throughout Pakistan.
A small device which can be hidden in your car, sends location info by sms & wifi
Only 400/- Pak Rupees a Month!.

Car theft is big business in Pakistan and throughout the world, ever wonder why cars with all those fancy security system and GPS Cyber Trakker system installed are still untraceable and are mostly never recovered?

"Recently two major gangs involved in this practice of “de-tracking vehicles” were caught by the ACLU. During interrogation, the car robbers revealed that they could defuse the tracking system within five minutes. This has led to more questions being asked by the ACLU about the effectiveness of the system for which customers are paying millions of rupees collectively in special services being offered."

Read the full story or directly from The News here

  • Current GPS Tracker Systems can be disabled by GSM Jamers
  • Most Car thieves already know where is your GPS Device in the car
  • Insurance companies only pay you book value of the car
  • Tracking Service providers will only disappoint you  
  • Only itrackcar.pk can give you real time results with the freedom to track anytime 
  • Our system cannot be disabled by GSM Jamers.


Picture of a Portable GPS Jammer, that can JAM the signals, leaving your car untraceable.


Most car thieves are part of extremely organized crime rings and know how to steal any car they want. Locked doors won't stop them and security systems don't scare them off, you can't really stop someone from stealing your car. But you can help Police track and recover your car quickly with itrackcar.pk SMS WIFI enable, Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

The only GPS Tracking Provider in Pakistan that supports both WIFI, SMS Vehicle Tracking System, Only with us, you have a better than 99% chance of recovering your vehicle -- usually within 24 hours and often within just a few hours.

Your car is an important, and possibly one of your most beloved, possessions. Protect it with iTrackCar.pk.




Expensive Vehicle Tracking Systems installed in most cars nowadays does not serve the purpose, with the portable GSM Jammers, thieves can disable the GSM signals until they find a suitable place to disable the gps system which is typically visible under the bonut and most time they know where these big 3 companies providing tracking service are hiding this equipment, thanks to the corruption, these expensive system sold by big companies are costing people several thousand of rupees a year and yet they are useless at most times.

The solution to this problem is our award winning SMS and WIFI enabled remote monitoring and tracking device, which gives you full report on your car movement, its SMS WIFI capable GPS Mobile Device which can be hidden anywhere in the car, you can also install it yourself.

The SMS and WIFI capable GPS Mobile Device can be hidden anywhere in the car, the online and on phone support GPS remote monitoring and tracking system, gives you full report on your car movement.

This System CANNOT be totally disabled by GSM JAMMERS

With its small size its impossible to find, with SMS Support, makes it cost effective, and wtih WIFI support, its impossible to disable our system.

Our System cannot be disabled by GSM Jammer, the GPS Mobile device can be easily hidden in your car and comes activated by defualt, it tracks the car location and movement, in case thieves using the GSM Jammer, our system will find any available WIFI and update your account with live map, you can then go ahead and recover your car, the system also stores all the location history and sends out all the previous location info by cost effective Short Messaging Technology to our Server which is connected to Live Map of Pakistan.


Past 10 Years Stolen Vehicle & Recovery Statistics

Source: CPLC

We are the only device provider that works on WIFI so if catches any public wifi internet, it will send the location immediately along with the previous location history, our tracking system is the only solution that warranties to recover your car.

The software use Short Messaging Technology / WIFI to transmit the location info to our server saving you expensive charges and thousand of rupees from another tracking providers.


Benefits & Features:

  • WIFI, SMS based System
  • SMS activation and deactivation
  • SMS alert on movement
  • Web-based User Interface 
  • Geo-fence Arrive/Depart detection*
  • Vehicle Location Map
  • Date/Time Range Selection
  • Pushpins showing direction of travel
  • Replay vehicle travel
  • Vehicle Event Detail
  • Vehicle Trip Report Detail
  • Last Known Vehicle Location
  • Vehicle Distance Traveled
  • Driving/Stopped Time
  • Send Emails / SMS on Event Triggers*
  • Excessive Speed Notification*
  • Pushpin Info Balloons with Lat/Lon, Speed, Heading etc.

We are proud to provide the best coverage all over Pakistan!


iTrackCar.pk is a Peertel Communications Company, based in Toronto Canada, privately owned and funded by owners and friends, with operations in over 7 countries.

Our main data and support center is co-located at 151 Front St Toronto, Canada.

*Some features requires activation and may not be available in default plan.





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http://www.itrackcar.ca (Canada)

http://www.itrackcar.pk (Pakistan

http://www.itrackcar.com (Other Countries)



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