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Gps Car Tracking System Pakistan, ITrackCar.pk Testimonials
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WOW, i wasted so much money already on my gps device installed in the car, every year i have to pay 23000 Rs, one of my friend car with gps installed by the same provider was stolen last week and they could not recover it, i have installed this now and even cancel my expensive car theft insurance option, my total savings now 40,000 Rs a year.

The WIFI support is the much needed feature, most tracker become un useable due to gsm jammer but itrackcar.com system also works on public wifi that is a big PLUS!

Thank You so much!

Faisal Bukhari- Karachi



After reading the story published on newspaper i understand why these GPS Tracking Devices doesnt really work when they are suppose to work.


i have wasted almost 30000 Rs, on the equipment and another 15000 Rs for monitoring per year. 

Good Job Guys.

Noman Khan- Karachi


its such a shame that the tracking service is so expensive here in pakistan, with a few companies fooling people with their claims.


i wish i could found itrackcar.com 3 years ago.

Thanks Guys,

Haseeb ahmed- Islamabadl


What a Rip Off 30000 Rs for the device, 5000 for installation, 20000 rs a year for monitoring and still cars cannot be recovered and untraceable.


i always thought that i am fully covered but i am actually not, insurance company only pays 70% of your car value, and the car prices are risen almost 40% in 2 years.

atleast i know where is my car, without calling anyone, online access via internet is such a great service.

MK- Lahore

I am very grateful ,  saving a lot of money and the service works super!


Kashif Ali - Multan



i still cannot believe this thing is working, with just 500 Rs per month, this is amazing.


Sameera Maheen - Islamabad


Damn- Good Job Guys, WIFI Public internet support is a excellent and much required feature.

Wish i could had find you earlier.

Yasir Saad- Lahore

I like the SMS feature, on vehicle movement it can tell me right away, i can know right away if my car is stolen or lifted by parking police.

Hina R- Karachi


The service is super and i am surprised by the location map, it really tells me where my car is, almost as close as 20 meters, automatic wireless internet support makes this service different from other providers, with so many free public wifi location available in the city, i am so confident that i will recover my car incase it gets stolen.

-Shaikh Kaleem- Lahore


Working Fantastic!

Siraj Mustafa- Karachi




I dont know how much i can thank you people, my car was actually stolen ,from north nazimabad, karachi , i was lucky to have your software installed in the zong android mobile and was hidden inside the back seat by my son last month, in addition to the tracker device installed by cyber tracker company ltd.

we call up the cyber track and report the car stolen, but got an answer that the car is untraceable at the moment even though the tracker device is installed in the car, i was really pissed off,  in the mean time my son send a SMS to the Zong Android phone with  text GPS_TRACKER start, but still we cannot trace the car, it looks like the thieves has some GSM jammer device that has disabled the signals and they probably have remove the device which was under the car bonut next to the battery.

we waited for another day called up the tracker company but no luck, they just cant track our car,  we were pretty sure that the tracker device has been removed, its been 10 hours , suddenly my son phone beeps, we received an alert from www.itrackcar.pk, i logged to the website www.itrackcar.pk and i can see my car on the map, i called up the police and explain them the situation, i had my laptop online at home and was on the phone with my son who went out with the police, they were able to recover it, it was parked near a restaurant at zamzama clifton, the number plate was changed, but my son recognize the small dents we had on the right door and the stickers, the police were unable to catch anyone but we got our car anyways. 

i ll advise anyone who does not have gps tracker install or even if they have should use this service, it works and you can save your money and headache, insurance only pay you 70% of your car old value, after this incident i removed the cyber tracking device and service and have canceled the annual account with them, it proves to be a total waste of money, we are now using just www.itrackcar.com service which only cost 500 Rs per month, Thanks to its WIFI support and the free wifi signal from someones home or the cafe, which does the trick in recovering our car. 


Thank You so much.

J Durrani - Karachi




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